New investments

WELTER zahnrad gets prepared for the future with HYDRA 8 by MPDV. According to VDI 5600, Hydra 8 includes powerful information, analysis and planning features for a detailed and clear production planning. Due to the production data acquisition (BDE) a consistent and simultaneous documentation of order statuses as well as imports of order related data from an existing ERP system is possible. Furthermore all machine data are reported continuously (MDA). The HYDRA control panel combines the BDE and MDA to achieve a proper detail planning and a consequential improved resource exploitation. Hydra 8 will be added medium term by a human resources tool called HYDRA-PEP.
Klingelnberg G30
Last year we installed a new bevel gear grinding machine of the type G30 from Klingelnberg with extensive optional equipment. With a nominal output of 14 kW it provides sufficient power to components up to a diameter of 300 mm in the module range of 0.7 to 8 mm. High-precision gears according to Klingelnberg, Oerlikon and Gleason can be manufactured.
Hessapp VDM 800-12
The machining center Hessapp VDM 800-12 allows to turn, mill and cut gears in one setting. A disconnectable milling / turning and drilling spindle allows maximum flexibility of the sequential to chaotic production. The center is completed by a clocked mounting system - making it suitable for small and medium series. The workpieces are handled by robot.
Niles ZE 800
The Gear Grinding Machine Niles ZE 800 provides the efficient and high-precision production of double helical gears from the turbo transmission area to grinding with CBN wheels for the aeronautics sector. Furthermore, Hirth-serrations and internal teeth can now be grinded from a minimum diameter of about 180 mm.