Bevel gears

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Bevel Gear Grinding (Klingelnberg/Gleason)

Bevel Gear Grinding (Klingelnberg/Gleason)

5-axis milling (soft/hard)

5-axis milling (soft/hard)

We manufacture spiral  and curved bevel gears in almost all possible desired qualities and versions:

  • from the contract processing up to assembly-ready system components
  • from precision wheel sets up to highly stressable clutch teeth
  • from batch sizes of 1 to a few hundred

For demanding applications (as well as the load capacity analysis) the flank geometry is of essential importance as well as noise and temperature behaviour. We would be glad to support and accompany you in the calculation and design stages, as well as the analysis of possible types of construction or assembly. Our specialists are ready to support you using the powerful software packages KISSOFT® and KIMOS®.

Klingelnberg Cyclo-PalloidKlingelnberg
5-Axis hard milledStraight Tooth
Mean module1-4,51-204-201-101-124-121-frei4-frei
Pressure Angle20° (17,5°)20° (17,5°)20°20°20°20°beliebig----
Number of Tooth6-606-1206-1206-1206-1206-1206-frei6-frei
Axis Angle45-135°45-135°45-135°45-135°45-135°45-135°3-160°3-160°
Tooth Width<60mm<180mm<180mm<100mm<150mm<150mmfreifrei
Quality DIN39658-97-95-67-94-54-55-65-6
MaterialsNitriding and tempering steels, castings, plastics, stainless Steels
Heat TreatmentCase hardening, nitriding, induction hardening, tempering, browning
OptionsSplines internal and external acc DIN ISO 14 or DIN5480, polygons, spur gear teeth, Hirth splines, Coating (e.g. Balinit) balancing according to DIN ISO 1950 G1,6.